DMS's Support Fair Usage Policy

Software Support and Maintenance contracts play an essential role in ensuring our customers are able to fully realise the benefits of DMS’s software products. A support and maintenance agreement entitles the customer to:

  • Regular updates including new features for the application
  • Any interim minor patches to the application
  • Telephone and email support to answer operational questions or assist with software issues encountered by operators
  • Access to online and on-CD self training resources

It does not include:

  • Training of staff
  • Reversing entries or repairing data caused by incorrect operation
  • In-depth or highly technical queries i.e. non-operational questions such as those regarding product integration or development
  • Use of third party applications including Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel
  • Assistance with viruses, worms, and other malware
  • System recovery or transfer in the case of server upgrades or replacement, hard disk failures, etc
  • In-depth business consultation or process development
  • Data conversion, deduping, cleansing, importing or processing
  • Creation of reports, queries, analysis types or forms

DMS's goal is to ensure our customers maximise their use of our products and receive the business benefits they can offer. To that end we will typically assist customer beyond these guidelines, at our own discretion whenever, and to an extent, we feel is fair and reasonable. For example, asking a question about where a piece of data is stored in database schema to assist you in writing a report would be considered reasonable, however requesting assistance with writing a website interface would be outside this scope. As a guide we believe a maximum of one hour per month is fair and reasonable for outside scope queries.

Additional assistance can be offered but may be invoiced on an hourly basis. Support for all DMS products is available from 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and 9:00 to 2:00pm on Friday (Eastern Standard Time). Should an issue be investigated under normal support terms and later be found to be caused by factors in the "does not include" list, then these may be invoiced to the customer at DMS’s discretion. If you believe that these factors may be involved, please notify DMS when placing the support call. DMS reserves the right to invoice the customer regardless once the issue has been diagnosed if we are asked to proceed with the provision of support or services.

Customers who make excessive use of support and show a poor understanding of an application's use may be required to undertake training before normal support will be provided. These guidelines have been established to ensure that DMS can provide a high level of support to all its customers at a fair price. Without these controls, excessive use of support by a small number of customers could lead to increases in fees to all. We are more than happy to provide higher levels of support coverage at an additional cost should you feel your organisation requires it.

For additional terms and conditions please refer the software license agreement provided to you at the time of purchase, or in the application help file or on the CD-ROM of your purchased software applications. If you cannot find, or have misplaced, the license agreement please contact DMS for a copy.